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You never know what you're going to get...

5/1/07 05:18 pm - Wow

I've been neglecting my poor journal. Does anyone still come on livejournal??

7/30/04 11:17 pm - Friends Only

Friends Only

I just realized that my last eight or so posts have been friends only so I'm just going to make this a friend's only journal from this point on. If I know you, I'll add you. If I don't know you, why in the world are you reading my journal? Eh, comment anyways, I may add you.


6/27/04 09:32 pm - The Wind Blows Backward...

"Hearing his voice whispering in my ear, feeling his hands on my skin, his lips on my mouth, I forgot to be scared, forgot everything except how much I loved him. I wanted to be his, I wanted to give myself to him. Not just my body. All of me. My whole life --- my loneliness, my sadness, my happiness. Everything. There was no going back. Not for me. Not for him."

-Mary Downing Hahn

6/23/04 10:01 pm - So do all Canadian's hate Americans?

Ok so I already did this thing but I didn't realize that it got messed up, so here it is again. Enjoy!

something to keep me busyCollapse )

6/21/04 09:52 pm - bleh

Ok so today has sucked. It's just been a bleh day all day long. I'm not happy and I don't know why and that's bugging me. Usually I can pick out what is upsetting me. Oh well.

April and I are going out tomorrow to do something. THANK GOD! I am usually not a needy friend...but I need a friend right now. I'm just...I don't even know. I hate to say it, but I think my depression is coming back. Oh well, I'll get over it.

I got an email from the NAU flute lady so I will be going up there on the 28th for my audition. I'm nervous. I know I will do fine but...I'm just not feeling very confident right now. But in other news, I will also be getting my new flute which I am extremely excited about.

I don't know if you saw it or not, Jeffrey, but we were in the paper a few days ago. It's a little late considering we took that picture almost a month ago. And there is that freak who got up in the middle of grad to go pee. Some people have a lot of nerve. Oh well, here is the pic and the article.

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I think one of the things that has been depressing me is the fact that Elyse has dropped me like I was nothing. Its not hard to write an email or pick up a phone. Or to at least answer my emails. Oh well, I'm learning a lot about friendship this summer. And to those of you who are still putting up with me, thank you and I love you all. (special thanks to April, Teresa, Elissa, and Jeffrey). Ok well I'm going to go put myself to sleep. I hope for April's sake that I feel better tomorrow.

P.S. I missed you today, Panther.

6/19/04 11:24 pm - *sings* This is what I want...

Yay! Last post as a minor! Nothing happened today. Bleh. Church tomorrow, as well as Father's day. Happy Father's day! I love you all! Yay for July 4th coming up...Warped Tour!

6/17/04 09:31 pm - Must...have...MUSIC...GRR!

Ok, so I have my must have music list started. I really don't think any of them fall into the same genre, but oh well, DEAL WITH IT...

Shinedown - Leave a Whisper
Auf Der Maur - Auf Der Maur
Muse - Absolution

I'm starting to isolate myself from the world. This is not good. I haven't actually seen any of my friends in almost two weeks. I have only talked to two on the phone and one of them was Aaron and he doesn't count because well, I talk to him anyways. I don't even talk to my family. I sit in my room and stare at the wall. I need to get out. I need to get my social life going again. Good Lord.

I finally talked to Elyse today and found out she hadn't fallen off the face of the earth. Although, thanks to her tire shredding on the Parkway, she almost did. Scary. I also talked to Teresa today and she is doing really well up at the college. I'm really proud of her.

I still have no idea what to do for my birthday. I should just go get a tattoo or something pierced...or maybe I'll just go buy porn. Ok, yeah right. Anyways, I hope to talk to you soon.

P.S. I love my Aaron. ;).

6/16/04 02:49 pm - 18th Birthday...ahhhhh

Ok so my b-day is almost here. Now, I have already poo-pooed the idea of celebrating it on the 20th because it also happens to be Father's Day and well, I should probably spend as much time with my dad while I still can. So I was thinking, that Monday (the 21st) works, but there is another problem. What does one do for one's 18th birthday? I can't do the whole sleeping in the tent in the back yard again, considering I almost died from the heat the last time I did that, and I can't really have a pool party...hmmm or could I? Anyways, I'd like to see some of my best buds sometime this summer. I haven't seen hardly anyone. So if you have an suggestions, please PLEASE tell me. I love you all. Call me sometime.

6/8/04 12:24 am - SOOO HAPPY!

Ok, so I just got home from NAU. That place is awesome! I can't wait to live there for the next couple years. The weather was great and the whole atmosphere was better. I loved it in Flagstaff.

So while we were up there, we stopped at this music store so I could ask about flutes...and I actually bought one! It is the best deal in the world! HOLY COW! And it is a really good model. I'm so happy with it.

We got our computer back and this also makes me happy. I am super psyched that I can use my scanner/printer again. I missed it. Oh and yay for bikini pics.

It was so nice to hear Aaron's voice again. I really missed him. I love him so much. Although, I did bring my panther towel with me so...(thanks April!).

Anyways, I am home now and it may be for a while so if any of you wanna do something, call me! Night all!

P.S. The Flames lost so...that sucks big time...grrrrr.

6/3/04 09:42 pm - I'm so content right now, it's scary...

I went and saw "The day After Tomorrow" last night with my dad. It was an ok movie, but only because of the people in it (Jake). I thought it ended entirely too happy.

Today was Justin's birthday party. It was fun and I got to say goodbye to some of my friends. I am going to miss those guys so much. I keep thinking of all the people I will meet in college and it scares me. I don't want to replace my friends...

Tomorrow is finally Harry Potter day! YAY! And I have to pack tomorrow. Bleh.

Well, in other news...I put up this huge HUGE poster of a black panther on my wall. I was gonna put it above my bed, but I've decided to put it across from my bed so I can see it when I'm sitting there.

I miss my friends. I haven't talked to any of them since school has been out. I feel like such a bad friend. I do love you guys, I've just had my mind on other things (and people). We will have all of July to do stuff, though...right?

Ok, I have to go to bed. I gotta get up early for Harry tomorrow...yes I am a freak.
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